Rise of the Runelords

Book 1, Chapter 8

Of Malfehnekor and Men

The party emerged from the Glassworks and went their various ways. Most returned to The Rusty Dragon Inn to eat, drink, and recuperate.

Earp went to the town garrison and warned the staff of the dangers below the town, but kept the details vague in order to keep his and the parties’ word with Erylium.

Eve and Shadow met discretely at the Fatman’s Feedbag, and made a deal to acquire some poison by planning to sell the items they acquired to come up with the gold. After drinking with Eve, Shadow slipped unnoticed into The Rusty Dragon Inn and slept in an interestingly nondescript location to recover his strength. Eve, as agreed, traveled around town, selling the items she and Shadow had looted.

After selling items, Eve confronted Aliver Podiker / Pillbug, about selling and creating poison. Not one to be pushed around by a girl, he gave her a bit of his tongue and a tally of her debt. Eve ended up striking a deal with Pillbug, paying off half of her debt and purchasing three vials of Blue Whinnis, a poison known to quickly weaken the body and render the victim unconscious. She spoke with Pillbug a little longer, and learned that, while she thought she was making only simple potions, she had in fact been brewing poison for him for years.

The party reconvened at The Rusty Dragon Inn and divided the gold from their adventure. While the division was taking place, Eve felt that the group had quite a large sum of gold and tried to slip a few gold coins she contributed to the pot back into her purse. Earp noticed and made an offhand comment about stealing. Feeling slighted, Eve took her coin purse with all of her remaining gold, silver, and copper coins, and threw it on the table before turning to storm away. Frank tried to say something to Eve, but her short temper left him mumbling at the back of her flaming red hair. Once upstairs, Eve stopped in front of Shadow’s door to deliver the poison. After peering inside, she did not see him in the room. She moved over to his nightstand and left the poison inside and left the drawer slightly ajar. She quickly vacated his room and continued to rage in her own for a time.

In the common room of The Rusty Dragon Inn, the group briefly discussed Eve’s abrupt departure for a few minutes. Kepli, ever fair, collected and distributed the gold, setting aside a what he thought a fair amount for Eve should be. The group agreed, and after this exchange, most turned in, but Earp stayed up to patrol the town while Kepli and Eve, unknown to each other, visited Father Zantus separately.

Kepli was the first to arrive and brought Bruni to see Father Abstalar Zantus because he had been afflicted in some way. Father Zantus touched Bruni in new ways. Kepli, not liking what he saw, rushed Bruni away after Zantus had finished his work. Eve, seeing Kepli and Bruni rushing in her direction, quickly hid behind a pew. Kepli was so upset by what he had seen that he did not notice Eve. Eve then went under the same treatment, Zantus first lying her down. She closed her eyes for a time, and when Zantus had finished, Eve left with the familiar feelings of shame and disappointment from her previous visits with Father Zantus.

Next morning Kepli recieved word from Voldad Greatwind with a response to the update on the Bloodstones. The letter said, “Kepli, this region seems to hold true for the rumors for what we seek. Stay in the area and follow these rumors to wherever they lead you. If you find anything report back to me and we will discuss next steps. I am in contact with Lastwall and they don’t feel that at this time any additional resources are needed.”

After, the party went and talked with Amiko about her brother. She told them of how she needed to put the pieces of her household back together, but would be around after she had made her family’s business autonomous again.

Later, the party spoke with Father Zanthus to talk about what he might know about the recent events. He was asked about several names that appeared in Tsuso’s journal. He recognized the name Malfehnekor and told that he was a known barghest of Lamashtu.

The party then spoke with Shalelu about goblin activity. After they prepared for the journey (including Eve retrieving the poison she left in Shadow’s nightstand to deliver it to him), she led the party to the Nettlewoods to bring them to Thistletop. Along the road, the party was ambushed by goblins. After neatly dispatching them, the party made there way to the thick tangle of briars and thistles that lead to Thistletop.

As they stood outside the thick barbed mass, they heard a distance spine tingling roar…


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